Pension Plans

At Neiland Financial Services we will help you to review your current situation. We will outline the benefits available to you and identify what contributions to your pension are required or affordable in order to prevent a drop in your standard of living when you retire, which is the aim of a pension plan. Your retirement may seem like a long way off, but you still need to plan for it today. The most suitable pension for you will depend on your circumstances such as your employment status. Our experience and knowledge means that we can recommend the pension that best suits your needs.

Any self-employed or a PAYE employed person can contribute to a personal pension plan. 

For any company directors or employees, a company pension is one of the most tax efficient ways of transferring profits from the company.

PRSA are part of the governments move towards a more flexible pensions environment.

Additional Voluntary Contributions or AVCs are extra contributions you can make alongside your existing pension plan to increase your pension fund.

A Buy Out Bond is a pension bond into which you can transfer your fund if you leave your company pension sheme.

Depending on whether you meet the minimum guaranteed pension income requirement as set out by the Revenue, you may be required to invest in an AMRF before you are eligible to invest in an ARF.

An ARF is a flexible arrangement that allows you to remain invested in funds after retirement and withdraw money as and when you wish.

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But will you have enough money for your later years?

The research Aviva has conducted into Ireland’s pension position indicates that as a nation, we are not saving enough for our retirement. Aviva has developed Mind the Gap – a simple calculator to enable you to work out your own retirement position.

Your Retirement could last a long time 20 years wouldn’t be exceptional